Why Bergen Tutoring?

Bergen Tutoring recruits and trains only highly qualified tutors. Our rigorous selection process includes: background checks, reference checks and personal interviews. We are a full service private tutoring company

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is your teaching system custom tailored for my child?

Yes, we understand that all children are different and learn in their own way and at their own speed. Your child’s tutor will be planning their lessons based on their specific needs.

2. Do you provide a FREE assessment?

Yes, we will provide a free consultation at which time we administer an assessment test in your home before you start, at no charge.

3. Will my child have his own personal tutor?

Yes, your child will be matched with a tutor that best fits their educational goals. That tutor will be meeting with your child each session. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the tutor please contact us. We would talk to the tutor and have them modify how they address your child’s needs. If that doesn’t work we can switch tutors.

4. Where is the tutoring done?

All of our tutoring is done in your own home or at the local public library.

5. How long is each session?

Each tutoring session is usually 1 – 2 hours in length once or twice per week. Test preparation is 2 – 3 hours each session.

6. How many lessons will a student need?

Students find weekly tutoring sessions beneficial. However, some students meet only a few times to help them get through a difficult unit at school. For test preparation the number of lessons vary from two to sixteen or more sessions.