K – 8

We provide one-to-one extra help and enrichment to students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Whether a student is looking to build their skills and confidence or get ahead – we can help.

Subjects that we tutor include:

Reading – Writing – Math – Science – Social Studies – Phonics/Spelling/Vocabulary – Study Skills

Weekly Tutoring

For a student that needs a little or a lot of help, weekly tutoring can be very beneficial.  A student works with an experienced, carefully matched tutor that helps make learning fun.  Some students need help with just math or reading, while others choose to split their time among different subjects.  Each student is different, but during the school year students typically work on the skills that are being taught at school as well as any prerequisite skills that they need help with in order to do the work.  Our tutors do more than just drills and worksheets, they incorporate games and other interactive learning tools.

Study Skills

We help students with organization and study skills.  Every student is different, but  with the student’s input we set up a system that is realistic for the student to maintain long term.  After the initial session the parent is brought in and explained the “system” and how the student is going to maintain it.  Whether it’s a few sessions, or ongoing as part of other weekly tutoring we regularly check in to see how the system is working and if any modifications need to be made. The goal is to set it up so the student feels personally invested in it and to help them see the value in being organized.  Homework and studying becomes easier and less overwhelming when a student can quickly find the material necessary to complete an assignment or study for a test.


Students come for enrichment for subjects such as math and writing.  Math enrichment consists of building a student’s problem solving skills and as well as going ahead to higher level math.  Problem solving gives a student the tools to think critically and solve problems that do not spell out what steps are necessary to arrive at the answer.  Arriving at the correct answer is important, but the initial focus is on the process of getting to the answer.

Writing is another key skill that school’s are often not able to spend enough time on.  We work with students on writing skills such as 5 paragraph essays, timed essays, how to write a research paper, and creative writing.


A student meets with their tutor usually one to two times a week.  It is important a student practice and review those skills between sessions.  Students are given homework to reenforce what they are working on.


During the free consultation/assessment we discuss what the goals are, and design the program around those goals.  No two students are alike, and therefore no program is the same.  With a parent’s permission we are happy to communicate and work with the classroom teacher.