Weekly Subject Tutoring


Weekly tutoring is used for a variety of reasons.  Some students use the weekly tutoring to help them with a class they are having difficulty with, others use it for help with their homework, and then their are students that use it for enrichment.  Tutoring is done one or more times a week – based on a student’s individual needs.

  • If a student is struggling with a class, meeting with a tutor on a regular basis can help them go over the material and have the tutor explain/model concepts that are not fully grasped.
  • Some students benefit by having a tutor help them with their homework.  The tutor will keep the student on task, help with planning of long term assignments, review/teach material that the student needs to complete assignments.
  • Enrichment helps students learn new skills and ideas that they are not seeing during their regular school day.  These lessons encourage discussion and are guided by the student’s interests and goals.